viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

Just wait for it... It's coming!

I see it everywhere I go, I feel it in every breath I take... There is something wrong going on and we all know what it is. Lately SOPA/PIPA, etc., are initiatives that conspire against our right of sharing (which is one of the things we do most as HUMANS) and freedom of speech.

As a person in the world, I fear how these events can evolve into something that we will all regret, and for many people can be a reason worth dying for if it were necessary. We do not have to shed blood, we have no need to fight.

I completely understand copy rights, I understand piracy is wrong, but businesses have to also understand that times have changed, and so should their business strategies. The right thing to do here is to start from scratch, and involve the existence of internet as a key point in the conception of a new business concept, not as a menace. Use internet as a tool of satisfying the consumer all over the world and also providing a reasonable profit, even if that means taking it down a few notches.

Piracy will not end using restrictions, just as drugs and crime has never ended. Piracy can be fought by giving the average consumer good prices and options, flexibility and innovation.

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